Tuesday, January 8, 2008

it's time

I get so much pleasure from reading other people's blogs, that I decided it is time to attempt my own. I am nowhere near as talented a knitter, but I will try to post enough pictures to keep it interesting, and enough ideas to keep it thought-provoking. A New Year's resolution? And if no one reads it, it will still be good for me. At the very least, I now have to figure out how to post a picture!!

I would hate to confess how many projests are currently on my needles, so we will begin with two favorites. A blanket, for napping on the couch, made from Nature's Palette bulky thick and thin, purchased last time I went to NYC. My son and his girlfriend recently moved to Soho, and we (my husband and I) were waiting for him to come home with his key and let us into the apartment so we could unload a pickup truck full of furniture. We parked on a side street, but were afraid to leave the truck alone in the big city with the nice furniture. So P stayed, and wouldn't you know it, we just happened to park in front of Purl. Let's just say a parking ticket would have been cheaper! But I'll have a lovely blanket to show for my time - and a scarf from the Sheep Shop variegated skein that I couldn't resist either!